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Technology has been found to be very successful for the teaching of ELL due to the multi-sensory approach it can take as well as the ability to individualize learning.

Award-winning Orchard Software will enhance your ELL students’ development and prepare them for your state standards-based tests.Orchard features a rich variety of instructional activities that make use of the most current research-based strategies proven to enhance ELL development.

Reading and Comprehension

Using a sequential approach, Orchard’s language arts bundle introduces students to letters, learn key sounds and blends, and then transfer their learning to read sight words, sentences, and paragraphs. The extensive audio support provided in each of the programs enhances the students’ learning experience and ensures proper understanding of key concepts.


Carefully developed, integrated activities include highlighted phrases and provide students with the multiple exposures to text necessary for fluency development. A narrator models proper reading techniques, and a recording feature allows students to hear themselves reading a story. This enables students to increase recognition of fluency and errors in context and actively participate in, and gain ownership of, the overall reading process.


Orchard programs promote active listening by addressing a number of listening tasks across all subject areas – language arts, math, and science. Activities include voiced-instruction and interactive tutorials using video. Orchard programs provide audio direction and spoken content to develop purposeful listening skills.


Students extend their comprehension to writing and grammar in Orchard. Thematic settings in lessons, an important component of ELL instruction, help students apply what they are learning to real life situations. Skills covered include letters, sounds, words, parts of speech, sentences, punctuation, prewriting, writing, editing, and much more.

Data-Driven Management and Reporting

Orchard reports provide teachers with the ability to ensure they meet the needs of the hardest-to-reach students. In addition to capturing information about progress on mastering state standards, Orchard also provides the functionality to record student voiced responses and save them in the Portfolio Reports, which are great for evaluation and authentic assessment.

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Orchard offers over 5,000 essential skills and concepts most commonly found in the Common Core and state standards, and assessed on high-stakes tests.


Orchard Now is an online tool designed to prepare students for state tests in grades 1-9. Math and language arts questions are based on state testing standards so students get realistic practice for real testing success.


Every child has a different learning style. Some children respond better to visual stimulation, interactive games, while others respond best to words, repetition, voice and sound.