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Orchard’s Science curriculum promotes the development and understanding of fundamental concepts in life, earth, and physical sciences, connections between science and technology, and the nature of science and scientific inquiry.

Orchard’s Science content provides instruction, practice, and review of key skills via multimedia materials including video, graphics, text, sound, and appropriate Web links to related science information.

The Science Concepts Series

The Science Concepts series is a comprehensive, curriculum based science program targeting intermediate to middle school students. Students to explore a variety of Exhibits and their respective Halls. Within each Hall, students read about different concepts, events, and famous scientists, and they are encouraged to apply their knowledge to activities such as puzzles, experiments, and journaling opportunities. In addition, students explore science career opportunities and learn new vocabulary words associated with each Hall.

The Science Concepts series introduces students to the exciting world of science. Students learn new facts and ideas, explore concepts through activities and experiments, and test their knowledge with vocabulary and content quizzes.

Orchard Science Includes:

4-9+ Science

Demo content


Orchard offers over 5,000 essential skills and concepts most commonly found in the Common Core and state standards, and assessed on high-stakes tests.


Orchard Now is an online tool designed to prepare students for state tests in grades 1-9. Math and language arts questions are based on state testing standards so students get realistic practice for real testing success.


Every child has a different learning style. Some children respond better to visual stimulation, interactive games, while others respond best to words, repetition, voice and sound.