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Prescriptive Tests


Prescriptive Tests

Schools receive Common Core and state-specific assessments designed to identify areas of academic weakness and create individualized learning paths for every student.

Benchmarking Assessments

Orchard provides a powerful state-aligned benchmarking assessment tool that informs and assigns individualized, standards-based instruction for every student.

o Assessments are aligned to your state’s curriculum standards for grades 1-9
o Students take a grade and subject specific assessment
o Identifies standards & skills for instruction, remediation, and acceleration

Summative Formative Assessments

Students are not only assessed on your standards, they are assigned instructional lessons that incorporate 21st Century curriculum and depth-of-knowledge skills.

o Prescribes an automatic custom learning path for each student based on his or her needs
o Provides an indicator of how students will actually perform on high-stakes tests
o Quickly identify students falling behind, and those skills where your whole class is struggling
o Assessments are randomization from a database of more than 15,000 items
o Students can bookmark their tests, skip and return to questions, review their responses and incorrect answers, and receive and print their summary results

Create Your Own Interim Assessments

Easily assign appropriate state standards-aligned test questions and instruction.



Orchard offers over 5,000 essential skills and concepts most commonly found in the Common Core and state standards, and assessed on high-stakes tests.


Orchard Now is an online tool designed to prepare students for state tests in grades 1-9. Math and language arts questions are based on state testing standards so students get realistic practice for real testing success.


Every child has a different learning style. Some children respond better to visual stimulation, interactive games, while others respond best to words, repetition, voice and sound.