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Teacher Tools


Orchard’s Teacher Tools Empower Teachers

Orchard’s Teacher Tools enable teachers to create their own assessments, standards-based assignments, create their own worksheets, puzzles, flashcards, etc., and easily determine students’ reading and math levels, and preferred learning styles.

Assessment and Assignment Builder

Use Orchard’s built-in database of Common Core and state standards, to create your own assessments and assignments.

  • Search by skill or standard, grade, subject, etc.
  • Create assessments with prescriptions
  • Create instructional assignments

Worksheet Maker

Creates 15 different types of puzzles, tests, and worksheets… it’s easy. Enter your sentences and highlight the vocabulary words; the program will do the rest. Includes Alphabetizing, Keyword, Scrambled Sentences, Contractions, Scrambled Words, Crossword Puzzle, Secret Code, Fill in the Blank, Synonym/Antonym, Mix and Match, New Words, Multiple Choice, Word Search, and Recognizing Sounds Worksheets, Puzzles, and Tests.

  • Prints Answer Keys, Includes Integrated Spell Checker, and Import Graphics and Text Files

Flashcard Maker

Create flashcards, using images, numbers, and/or words, to use as study aids (for vocabulary words, integer equations, fraction equations, square roots, or custom equations)

Learning Styles Inventory

  • Identify a student’s preferred cognitive style (auditory language, visual language, auditory numerical, visual numerical, or tactile concrete)
  • Identify a student’s preferred social style (individual learning or group learning)
  • Identify a student’s preferred expressive style (oral expressiveness or written expressiveness)

Math Assessment Test

Quickly determine the approximate mathematical abilities of a student with unknown math skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.

Reading Placement Test

Quickly determine the approximate abilities of a student with unknown reading comprehension skills (including knowledge of word meanings and usage as well as passage comprehension


Orchard offers over 5,000 essential skills and concepts most commonly found in the Common Core and state standards, and assessed on high-stakes tests.


Orchard Now is an online tool designed to prepare students for state tests in grades 1-9. Math and language arts questions are based on state testing standards so students get realistic practice for real testing success.


Every child has a different learning style. Some children respond better to visual stimulation, interactive games, while others respond best to words, repetition, voice and sound.